7 Apr 2014

Monday night out

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for being out this week, it's been quite hectic...

Aaaanyway, today,  we're feeling like going out, so here's a look proposal, just in case!

Reindeer shirt, with imitation leather collar and cuffs, sequin shorts and slippers.


¡Hola, bonit@s!

Siento haber estado fuera esta semana, ha sido una pequeña locura...

Aaanyway, hoy nos apetece salir de jujaneo, aún siendo lunes, así que aquí tenemos una proposición, por si les mosques :)

Camisa de renos con puños y cuellos de polipiel y shorts de lentejuelas.
Y mis inseparables slippers. Epa!

Lovely reindeer shirt: Zara (12€ on sales)

She got dancy, again!!!
Sequin shorts: I stole them from my sister :)
Slippers: Zara (20€)

Hope you like it, lovelies!


lovely and massive

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